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All our Cycle tours (Road & MTB) and some of our Offroad Motorbike tours are fully supported

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Attention to detail...

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Why Choose Wildcat Adventures for your next Adventure

  1. WILDCAT ADVENTURES IS A BONA FIDE TOUR COMPANY Registered in the UK with an Excellent reputation in the industry.
  2. PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE - Wildcat Adventures is an insured Tour Operator.
  3. PAYMENT PROTECTION in place - All eligible payments are held in special trust account in accordance with the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992.
  4. JOHN & BRIGITTE LEAD ALL TOURS - They ride in excess of 30,000 miles per year - this is equivalent to riding Round The World - EVERY YEAR! However it is not the miles ridden that counts it is the experience we have in organising and leading tours. Please check out our photo galleries of past tours - photos, photos, photos...proof of having run hundreds of tours with groups over the decades. 

    We are proud to boast that we maintain the highest standard of Safety, Quality & Attention to Detail by always Organising and Leading all our Tours - All our tours are Wildcat Adventures' Tours - we do not subcontract our tours.
  5. EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE - Wildcat Adventures has been leading Adventure Motorcycle & Cycle Tours in Morocco, Europe, Mongolia, Libya, Tunisia, Iceland, Scotland since 1985. Please have a look at our numerous picture galleries on our website!
  6. ATTENTION TO DETAIL - We are renowned for our attention to detail and excellent customer care. 50% of our customers on all of our tours return with us on another tour and 30% who join us on any given tour in Morocco return with us again a second and even a third time to Morocco!!
  7. MEMBER OF THE MOROCCO TOURIST BOARD - Wildcat Adventures is a longstanding member of the Morocco Tourism Board.
  8. LICENCES TO OPERATE IN MOROCCO - Wildcat Adventures has all necessary documentation and appropriate licences in place to operate safely & legally in Morocco with our groups.
  9. EXTENSIVE FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE of Culture, People, and Landscapes - All staff are passionate about the countries we travel in. With over 35 years of operating in Morocco, we have acquired extensive first hand knowledge of all suitable accommodations, fuel points, hospitals & private clinics. We have extensive knowledge of all the mountain & desert roads suitable for road motorcycles and extensive knowledge of pistes (offroad tracks) which are suitable for the large adventure motorcycles.
  10. INFRASTRUCTURE IN PLACE - We have an excellent working relationship with our Moroccan agent which we have used since 1985 to provide assistance and support in the event of an emergency, secure accommodations well in advance, supply emergency support vehicles and drivers for our tour groups when necessary. When things go wrong in a third world country they can go very wrong very fast! We have all the infrastructure in place, and experience to handle all situations before they become a crisis.
  11. BILINGUAL Wildcat Adventures Guides are bilingual (English, French, some Berber & Arabic) & First Aid Trained.
  12. CUSTOMS FORMALITIES TAKEN CARE OF BY WILDCAT ADVENTURES -  Importing your motorcycle, documentation, etc are all taken care of by us at the borders.
  13. OFFICE ABROAD - We have an office and garage facilities in Marrakech, & storage facilities in Ouarzazate and Merzouga (with oil, tools, filters, tubes, coolants, spares, a selection of tyres, etc).
  14. WE WORK TOGETHER AS A TEAM - Any problem is treated as a group problem and we resolve it together. Whether it be a problem with your motorcycle / cycle or your health - you have our support 100%.
  15. SMALL GROUPS - Our prices are based on small groups of riders. Our primary objective is delivering a quality tour with your safety in mind.




Why Wildcat Adventures?

Providing Adventure Tours is a full time occupation for John & Brigitte and this is evident in the extensive EXPERIENCE they have in ORGANISING and LEADING Adventure Tours.


Private Tours

All our Motorcycle and Cycle tours are also available on a private tour or custom tour basis. We are happy to tailor our tours to suit your group.


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